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It's sort of like LazyFS.


AppFS should normally be mounted on "/opt/appfs".

/opt/appfs/hostname Fetches: http://hostname/appfs/index Contains CSV file: type,extraData type == package; extraData = package,version,os,cpuArch,sha1 type == latest; extradata = package,version,os,cpuArch

/opt/appfs/hostname/package/os-cpuArch/version /opt/appfs/hostname/sha1/ Fetches: http://hostname/appfs/ Contains CSV file: type,time,extraData,name type == directory; extraData = (null) type == symlink; extraData = source type == file; extraData = size,sha1

/opt/appfs/hostname/{sha1,package/os-cpuArch/version}/file Fetches: http://hostname/appfs/